Deep South: The Big And The Easy, Part 2

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Video Description: Jack Ryan meets Nino Bacci at the door and they proceed to Jack's bedroom for an afternoon erotic encounter. Candles flicker on every available surface and as Nino settles onto Jack's bed, he discovers a crude rag doll. When he asks about it, Jack performs a simple demonstration of voodoo. Jack plucks a lock of Nino's hair, attaches it to the doll, then pricks the doll's palm with a needle. Nino opens his hand to reveal a small bleeding wound. Turned on by Jack's command of the black art, Nino leans forward and kisses Jack. The two men begin to fondle, caress and undress. Nino deepthroats Jack's cock, devoting himself entirely to Jack's pleasure; nuzzling and tugging at his balls and running his tongue up and down Jack's shaft. Nino rims Jack, warming and relaxing Jack's hole with his tongue. Jack returns the favor, then focuses on Nino's stiff cock. They rearrange themselves in a sixty-nine. Then the men take turns fucking each other until both have sent forth thick ropes of steamy satisfaction.