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Video Description: Logan Reed is led blindfolded into the back yard, where Tom Chase and Adriano Marquez are already hard in action. Like predatory stags, daring and sizing each other up, trying to figure out who should master whom, the two men prod each other into heavy foreplay. Adriano hungrily sucks Tom's huge cock, swallowing the engorged tool in its entirety. The men tease each other, slapping, spitting, pounding, creating a tension too hot to ignore. Adriano gets the fucking of his life by Tom who slams and shimmies his fat dick up Adriano's hole. The action continues with the two studs on the grass--Adriano laying in excited anticipation as Tom eases his greased gloved hand into his ass. Looking directly into his eyes, Tom sends Adriano into a delirious state of bliss, controlling the rhythm of his breathing, the rhythm of the sex play, until neither man can stand it. They both explode spurting jets of cum as Logan enjoys the show, jacking his fat cock.