Cruisin' 3

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Video Description: The quickest way to cruise around town, looking for action is to just drive and find what you want. Tom Chase motors down an alley and finds Matt Cook lurking seductively in a doorway. Introductions are quick and Matt jumps into Tom's jeep and soon onto his bed where he lays eagerly sucking that immense cock. Tom shoves his long cock down Matt's throat, feeding him with every forceful thrust. Soon they're both on the bed tonguing each other's cocks and balls and asses. Then Tom begins to seriously eat Matt's asshole. Their bodies glisten with sweat as they continue their assault on each other. Tom playing with Matt's asshole, licking it, stretching it, probing it with his fingers, then finally fucking it hard and fast. Tom rides Matt's ass, pulling on his jockstrap like reins, his balls slapping agains the other's asscheeks in a rhythmic cadence. Faster and faster until he comes...and with a final thrust, he pushes Matt down....and out! The introduction was quick, the action hot and intense, now...beat it!