Made For You

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Video Description: Joe Cade anxiously waits for his blind date - Rex Chandler - to arrive. The table is set...the fire crackles...and finally the doorbell announces Rex's arrival. The two hungry men enjoy a romantic meal, warming to each other as they converse and relax. Hungry for another sort of meal, they snuff the candles and begin to work on each other. Hands and hot mouths roam across flat ridged abs, up to powerful pecs, tonguing rigid nipples and down to superbly shaped inner thighs. Ultimately, Joe engulfs Rex's hot balls and hungrily sucks his cock. Moving down, Joe spreads Rex's cheeks...exploring the big stud's hole...he fingers it...he licks it...he kisses it. Rex is now so hot he grabs Joe and flips him over for a good hard fuck. He punds and thrusts onward, ramming Joe full tilt. Rex shoon shoots shuddering streams of hot cum. Fully satisfied, Joe erupts in blast after blast of ultimate pleasure. Joe collapses in Rex's arms, confident that Rex was made just for him!