The Pledge Masters

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Video Description: Hell-Week continues as Pledges Thomas (Ryan Edwards) and Johnson (Mark Reardon) prepare for an inspection by Vice-President Harris (Tom Steele). Standing at attention in their briefs, they watch as Harris finds they've left magazines and toys stored improperly. Harris decides to teach them a lesson. He exposes his huge cock and soon has the pledges working up and down the thick shaft. Next Harris has Johnson spread Thomas's ass cheeks and rim the virgin hole, tonguing and probing the pledge while he strokes his rock hard cock readying himself to break the ice. With one powerul surge, Harris enters Thomas causing the pledge to grasp and bite the sheets to keep from crying out. Harris dismisses Thomas and turns his attentio to Johnson. He slams Johnson with his enormous cock, big balls slapping against the pledge's ass cheeks, in and out of the firery inferno...bringing himself and his fuck-brother to orgasm.