Touch Me

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Video Description: Troy MacKenzie repents his cheating ways, calling up up buddies Brad Phillips and Butch Taylor for a shoulder to cry on. They tell him to come on over....planning a sexual offensive on their emotionally wounded prey. Troy arrives and before he can tell them his tory, Brad and Butch pounce on him. Brad fill's Troy's mouth full of cock while Butch softens and primes Troy's ass for his gigantic prick. Butch fingers Troy's opening then penetrates him while brad offers his muscular ass for Troy's hot probing tongue. Butch rocks the bed as he unleashes a savage barrage of deep thrusts. Feeling the searing heat within, Troy can no longer hold back and soaks Brad in a thick stream of cum. A guilt-ridden Troy leaves the lovers to their own devices, and the two horny studs turn up the heat. They engulf one another, meshing their rock hard bodies and feeling the hot flesh ignite their straining cocks, sending them over the top with gushing fountains of well-spent cum.