Ace In The Hole

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Categories Barely Legal
Video Description: Chip: Who can deny ever not having a boyhood crush on the local football star - the hometown basketball star or that fantastic kid that stood out in the shower after gym class? Chip represents this type of dream we all once shared. Young, athletic, powerfully built and a smile that makes it impossible for one to sleep nights just thinking about him. I kidded Chip about this and he got a real kick out of it. He knew exactly what I meant, and agreed to do what I had long dreamed of. My feelings of excitement were even greater now, than I had ever dreamed, even back then. With huge hands he peeled his sweat socks from his feet, lowered his moist shorts and jockstrap over his muscular thighs, and there it was - that incredible sensitive private part of his body. The excitement raced through me - 'It's even bigger than I've dreamed of!' The mere sight of his climax becomes a memory relived many times over. I still look back for that certain face - it's still there.


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