Try To Take It

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Video Description: Try To Take It: Kip Knoll is a great new inexperienced stud. He admits to great sexual enjoyment with another guy and openly admits to a strong urge within him to have anal sex. I introduced him to Frank and told him that Frank's whole bag was breaking in young ass. The next day I could see that Kip was a little nervous but fresh and anxious. Kip and Frank were hitting it off great until Kip reached inside Frank's pants and pulled his cock free. The stunned shock on his face was incredible. He felt if firmly, stroked it up and down, felt the big balls as if to convince himself that it wasn't real. Kip yelled out to me and said, 'Wow! Have you seen the size of this guy's cock? There's no way I'm going to take that. I'll suck it but I'll be damned if I'm gonna get fucked by it.' Kiip was game though and made every effort to open himself over the thick blunt hard muscle that was trying to force entrance into his tender ass.


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