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Starring Heath Anthony
Video Description: How about a regular guy? Here's Heath, a quietly handsome fella with deep blue eyes. He's got a thin build, thin lips, but packs a thick dick. And like regular guys, he jacks off 2-3 times a day. And now this video virgin is gonna do his first jack-off session on camera. Heath lowers his pants and pulls his cock out. It's already hard. He strokes it with a tight snug grip and you can hear each swipe. He sits back content with playing with himself, completely caught up in the moment. He continues jerking his juiced-up slab of meat with one hand while he tickles his button nipples with the other. His clenched fist slides up and down the shaft quicker and more vigorously until he finally climaxes and cums, and boy, is he a big shooter! His body jerks spastically as he explodes, squeezing out every drop of jism.

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