Bobby South

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Video Description: Bobby South has come West from Baltimore. He’s here to put his fine body on exhibit for Falcon Str8men and then beat his meat for us to enjoy. Nobody at home knows he’s here; this is a private showing and now he’s ready for the unveiling.Thank you Bobby and thank you Mr. Cameraman for shooting this hot pistol from below crotch level. We see him work his dick, pulling on it in a strong steady motion, making his balls bounce in a consistent rhythm – and what a scrumptious pair of nuts he has. He plays with his pierced tits a bit, then sits back with his left arm stretched behind his head. He glances at the camera in a teasing, come-hither way as he chugs along. Bobby starts to yank on his crank faster and his body convulses, highlighting his sinewy frame and perfect abs. Then he is on his knees as he continues pulling his pud, exposing his juicy, mouth-watering asshole. Now he’s laying across the sofa looking like the male counterpart of Goya‘s painting of the naked Maja. He continues jacking off, his gasps and grunts signaling that he’s ready to climax, and then he does, gobs of it. And with a sly smile, he signs off, satisfied that he’s done exactly what he was aiming to do – painting a picture of an artist at work.


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