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'Power Play' No.676 The incredible Lee Ryder once again demonstrates why two film series were named for that gigantic weapon he brandishes between his legs! 'The Biker and the Gymnast' No.667 Peter Hanson is the blond gymnast who greets his longtime fuck-buddy, Andy Fuller, wearing nothing but a jock-strap, a tan and a big grin. Andy tears away at the jock with his teeth and soon has his thick ass-packer doing exactly what it does best! 'Overload' No.678 Burly Steve Sprague barrels along the highway in his truck, thinking how, when he reaches his destination two - hundred miles down the turn-pike - he'd like to snatch himself a hot piece of man-ass to fuck raw. 'Muscle and Sweat' N0.679 After a sweaty workout and run in a local park, muscular athlete Doug Miller returns home to shower and nap. But when he walks into the bedroom he surprises his roommate, darkly handsome, tattooed Chuck Powell in the midst of jacking off on the bed.

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