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He's Got the Moves, and on moving day that means tired muscles and sweat-soaked clothes. Lifting all those boxes, has the air ripe with the aroma of male pheromones. It's the perfect reason to get naked or to rely on a buddy for a massage. Award-winning director Andrew Rosen exploits the erotic possibilities of moving day in He's Got the Moves. Seven of the hottest “Guys Like Us”' studs work up a sweat and then they sweat some more from exchanging hot fucks. Ever-horny Latino Ray Diaz swoons over inked white boy Connor Kline, whose sweaty t-shirt clings like a second skin. Connor is more than willing to fulfill Ray's fantasies — and his hole. Lucas Knight gets Duncan Black's blood pumping, and Duncan puts his oral skills to work to earn a satisfying fuck. Connor Kline showcases his versatility when Hayden Richards drops a box filled with sex toys and can't resist trying one out on Connor's firm ass, which he replaces with his huge cock. The full moon has long been known to bring out the beast in a man, and it's sex-hungry beasts in the case of hard-throb Ryan Rose and Andrew Fitch, who tangle the bed sheets in a flip-fuck that makes them howl. He's Got the Moves will get you moving to the erotic rhythm of these horny studs.