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'Come'n Take It If Ya Can': Self-confident loner Joe Andrews is a cocksman on the move, checking out the action in an abandoned warehouse where men meet for hot, no-questions-asked sex. Joe cruises several prospects then notices you. His stiff 10' are quickly out and up, tantalizing, teasing, challenging your desires, in the most-unusual Falcon solo film yet-one that really delivers what your're on your knees for... and then even more! 'Help Wanted': Footloose Joe Andrews encounters Falcon superstar Dick Fisk when he responds to a Help Wanted sign on a warehouse door. Hunky Fisk's come-on has Andrews rockhard in no time and before you know it, they're sixty-nining on a conveyor belt. The most incredible ram-rod penetration and standing-fuck episode seen anywhere makes this remarkable film Falcon's hottest ever and a must for every erotica collection! 'Rocks and Hard Places': Superstar Al Parker and Falcon discovery Jeff Turk meet up with a friend along a mountain stream in the wild Blue Yonder.

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