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Blaine Hardy Fucks Christopher Ashlee Dvd Cover

Blaine Hardy Fucks Christopher Ashlee

  • Updated 07-24-2009
  • | 00:11:03
  • | 4917

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Christopher can lose himself in the bright lights of Vegas while Blaine prefers the outdoors. As disparate as their vacation plans are, this couple is definitely in tuned with each other sexually. Blaine is the first to go down on his boyfriend's big uncut cock, the smooth black root sliding easily in and out through his lips. Then it's Christopher's turn to service Blaine and the sight of his pink fleshy cock being gobbled up by his Nubian prince makes such a pretty picture. The two men move into classic 69 position and continue feeding, followed by a fevered exercise of expert assmunching. Christopher buries his face in his honky honey's ass teasing the hole with his tongue, before the partners switch places and Blaine does the same for his buddy. Blaine grabs onto Christopher's hips and fucks him from behind, then in missionary position before he finally settles down in his lover's arms. He finishes himself off by jerking his swollen cock until he climaxes and cums.

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