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These well-endowed collegiates are the definition of JOCKS and their massive endowments are raring to gofrom start to finish in Big Country. Director Bruno Bond helms his best solo effort to date by being a fly onthe wall of a country house taken over by these youthful studs, where the air crackles with sex from dawn todusk. There's not enough of Levi Madison to go around, which may be why he's featured in two scenes asizzling opener and a passionate finale. Paddy O'Brian is his first partner, and Paddy is happy to let his cockget a first class ride at both of Levi's ends. Next, Bobby Clark looks so much hotter with a hairy chest, and hefinds a fuckable friend, Exclusive Ray Diaz, in the bathroom, where Ray's mouth and ass get equal attentionfrom Bobby's huge tool. Then, it's a flip-fuck featuring Jake Steel and Lucas Vitello, the only pair who get the pleasure of topping and bottoming for each other. Levi Madison returns to be devoured by Luke Milan for awild romp in a hammock that spins and tumbles them until every hard part has made contact with every otherpart. With big tools, big holes and big loads, Big Country will have your cock at attention from start to finish,inviting you to visit again and again.

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