The First Time

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Video Description: Boyer Colt has never had a male masseur before and as soon as he sees Dean Johnson he knows that this hot and handsome stud has just what it takes to relax his muscular body. Dean massages Boyer's beautifully defined body with his strong hands, making his way down to the granite solid buttocks. As Dean works the mounds of flesh, Boyer's ass muscles relax and his dick stiffens. In his heated state he reaches for the masseur's giant cock and begins to suck the tool, swallowing every inch of the long thick shaft. Dean now knows what Boyer really wants and begins to tongue his rosy fuck hole. With Boyer's hole ready for invasion, Dean works a dildo in and rams the latex cock deep into boyer's ass causing him to squirm with desire. This total massage brings both studs to the poiling point and they release their pent-up desires with pulsating explosions of cum.