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Video Description: When the handsome Cole Streets gets home, he's pleasantly surprised to find his roommate Troy Collins lying on the dining table, coyly naked but covered by a layer of clothes and looking so inviting. Cole approaches his housemate and inspires him with a kiss. Cole quickly gets Troy aroused with a series of licks and gentle nibbles. He travels down Troy's geography, starting at his lips, down his chest and nipples, across his stomach until he lands right on Troy's crotch. Cole guzzles up the thick piece of uncut flesh, and both of them relish acting out their roommate fantasy. Ol' king Cole pulls Troy back with his head hanging over the edge of the table and feeds his playmate his engorged cock, stuffing it deep down his gullet. Cole lifts Troy's hips up in the air so he can munch on and finger his ass. Troy's hole is primed and they fuck fast and hard. Cole's balls swing back and forth, slapping Troy's ass cheeks as they screw non-stop until finally one after the other, the two guys climax.