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Starring Ed Wiley, Holtz
Video Description: Pulling his truck off to the side of the road, Ed Wiley spots muscular Holtz maneuvering a canoe in the river. Ed finds himself fantasizing on the ways he'd like to conquer every part of that magnificent body. His thoughts turn his roaring cock into a massive 13 inches. Getting deeper into his fantasy, he kicks back in the cab of his Ramcharger and fills his hand with his huge, throbbing prick, beating it off to a heavy flow of his manly juices. Ed walks down and meets Holtz on the riverbank. With bold confidence, Holtz strips off his trunks, exposing a bulge of excitement stretching the fibers of his jockstrap. Using the strength of his powerful muscular arms and chest, he forces Ed to chew and lick the sweaty strap, his own cock swollen and begging for release from its scent-filled confines. Like all men, Ed and Holtz like the spirit of competition and with that spirit they carry one another to the very limits of their sexuality. Rarely has such brute force been seen in a bout for sexual conquest. It's a mind-blowing tribute to these two sexual athletes.