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Starring Ed Wiley, Bob Bishop
Video Description: 'Ramcharger': After hours on the road in the big Peterbilt, ed Wiley looks forward to the fast, free spirit of his Ramcharger. Taking the smaller truck into the open country in sear of some new adventure is Ed's way of unwinding after a long trip. When he meets muscular Bob Bishop at a truck stop, Ed feels the ache of desire fill him. He challenges Bob to a race throughh the desert. Amid the dunes, Ed grabs Bob's tight round ass. He eases Bob's face down to his huge pounding cock, feeling it fill bob's mouth and throat. Bob instinctively senses Ed's lust...and feels Ed spreads Bob's ass and eats his hole...warming it for the the fucking to follow...resuting in both men releasing the gushing pressure of their heavy loads.