Matt Blows Jake

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Starring Jake, Matt
Video Description: Jake's first sexual experience was the summer before senior year. After a 3-year chase, heavy build-up and a lot of sexual tension, he finally got the girl. He likes to think he was pretty good; well, she seemed to enjoy herself.The guys sit back and jerk themselves off to get hard. They drop their pants. Jake's got big powerful legs; his thighs are huge - lots of flesh to drown in. They strip off their shirts. They jerk some more. Jake looks over at Matt, his lips plump and moist. He's ready and waiting.Matt looks detached and lost in his own world. Then he leans over, opens wide and goes down on Jake's cock. His lips engulf the big man's meat, gradually inching farther down the shaft. Jake relaxes, hands behind his head, eyes closed shut - probably thinking about that first-time high school fuck. This is gonna be good.Matt is a stealth bomber as he swoops down ... quiet, cautious, secretive. It's hard to tell if he's enjoying this. He's mechanical with his technique, but he is sporting major wood, so it can't be that bad. And then he sits up, afraid Jake will cum in his mouth; for him the deed is done. Then acting like nothing's happened, the fellows finish themselves off until both shoot their wads.

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