Matt Blows Aaron

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Starring Matt, Aaron
Video Description: Neither Matt nor Aaron has ever had sex with another guy, so this is gonna be interesting. They both know they're attractive - other guys have given them the eye - so this confidence will drive them through their performance. Matt's kinda excited, so let's see how it goes ... there's always a first time for everything.Both men strip down and stroke themselves to hardness. Their body language suggests a hint of nervousness. Matt glances over at Aaron to size up the situation. Looking a bit gun-shy, he reaches over and starts to stroke his buddy's cock. The sensation of having another man touch him makes Aaron's toes curl and he sighs with pleasure. Matt then leans over and starts to suck the engorged dick. His head bobs up and down in a nice easy rhythm. He doesn't look too uncomfortable as he slides his lips over the mushroom tip and down the shaft, trying to go farther with each gulp. Not bad!The guys finish by jerking themselves off. Aaron blasts cum all over his chest. Matt looks over, somewhat relieved the spooge didn't hit him in the face or go own his throat - he's not ready for that ... yet!