In Deep: Miles To Go

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Video Description: Gregor Yelson arrives on the scene with two friends, Karl Tenner and Kevin Pearce, in tow. Both Karl and Kevin remember an adventure they shared with another American, Nicholas Clay. The three hunks were out on a hike and stopped to take a break. Nicholas suggested they all jerk off to see who could get hard first. No one has a problem getting hard, or horny, and before long, they take each other on. Nicholas and Kein suck Karl's thick uncut cock, working their mouths and tongues up and around his crotch, up to his hard pecs and tasty nipples. Soon all three are feasting on each other's tighly muscled bodies, changing positioons and partners, sucking and fucking until they can't hold back any longer and, one by one, each man explodes with geysers of cum.