High Tide

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Video Description: Hiking through a tropical forest, Matthew Anders happens upon two other travelers-Michel Lucas and Colby Taylor. The two stunning young men are out enjoying the sights and each other...asking Matthew to snap their photograph amidst the natural splendor of a tropical forest. As soon as Matthew leaves, the couple decides to enjoy their own respective beauty. Colby services his eager friend, taking Michel's stiff uncut cock into his mouth, savoring the tool from tip to shaft, finally bathing his balls with broad sweeps of a soft but insistent tongue. In no time at all, Michel is on his knees returning the Colby's oral affections, his tongue wandering over the balls and into the crevice of Colby's ass, his finger probing the pucker of his hole. Raising him up, Michel fucks Colby hard and fast; he continues the erotic rhythm as the pair lay nestled in the back of their car. Frenzied, anxious for release, the two taut men stroke themselves to orgasm, blasting each other with their thick hot loads.