Big Delivery

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Video Description: Dylan Fox tells co-workers Cougar Cash and Steve Lance about a wild encounter he had with a delivery man. The two sexy studs don't believe Dylan's story so he shows them exactly what happened. Within minutes these three sex-hungry men have their clothes off, exposing their taut, muscular bodys and their heavy-hung cocks. Splayed over the work table, Dylan begins to suck Steve's thick prick as Couger rims Dylan's hole. After Dylan sucks Steve's throbbing cock, Steve is as hot as a pistol and drills his huge cock deep into Dylan's ass. Dylan groans as his ass is filled and Cougar silences the groan with his own prick. The men, awash with sweat, rocket to new heights of sexual exhiliration as they rage in an orgy of fucking, sucking and ass-eating that reaches its apex when they all explode in rivers of cum.