Aaron & Ty Blow Each Other

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Video Description: We have a winner here! Make it a pair of winners. Ty Colt and Aaron - two of our favorite stud muffins are back and are gonna suck each others cock. Proving their straight-guy cred, the guys talk sex. Ty is used to one-on-one with a girl and having sex in pubic is fun just to check onlookers' reactions. Aaron's vacation ended up being an 18-day stretch without sex so as soon as he got back, he called up a girl to do the deed.All talked out, the boys start stroking themselves. Aaron appears eager as he reaches over to rub Ty's thigh. Ty shuts his eyes, licks his lips and starts to coo. Aaron rubs Ty some more, then grabs his cock and Wham! his mouth is sucking his buddy's cock. Ty then gets his hands on Aaron's dick, teases him with licks to his belly, then swoops down on his meat. They take turns sucking, both men really getting into it. They end up 69ing, nursing of each other's knobs like pros. Ty's mouth is a vacuum sucking so hard, his face reddens. He licks the underside of Aaron's shaft and tickles his balls with his tongue. Laying on their backs they jerk each other off. Ty shoots first, writhing about in pleasure. Aaron finishes himself off, blasting his spooge across his belly. They lay low, exhausted and totally satisfied with the outcome and their output.


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