Road Trip, Vol. 13 - San Diego

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Video Description: Before Sebastian Keys and Larkin can finish their game of pool to determine which guy is gonna bottom for the other, they stop to introduce themselves. Larkin hales from the sunshine state; Sebastian is representing Cincinnati; and this pair is just as horny and hungry as the others on this San Diego holiday. Sebastian lucked out on the plane ride over having sex with a horny flight attendant. Still buzzed on a high with that episode, he gets on his knees to start sucking Larkin's big dick. Then it's the lanky brunet's turn to feed on his buddy's equally impressive meat-pole. A heavy-duty session of ass-munching ensues, before Larkin rams his cock up Sebastian's primed ass, piercing the hairy hole with a series of stabbing thrusts. Sebastian is moaning, his gasps keeping perfect rhythm to Larkin's pelvic lunges. Then while he's on his back, still getting plugged, he cums all over his own belly and Larkin adds to the mess by shooting his manjuice all over.