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New from the Falcon International Collection! Featuring the talents of Thomas Barton, Nicolas Cole, Antonio Martin, Max McKay, Alexei Orofar, John Palmer, Danny Saradon, David Watts, and Shawn White. As the sun rises, Shawn White, David Watts, Alexei Orofar and John Palmer awaken with one thing on their minds and start the day in a fantasy foursome. Then Max McKay and Nicolas Cole soap up in a bubbly bathtub scene sure to steam up any mirror. Testing their limits on the exercise equipment, David Watts and Thomas Barton warm up and cool down flawlessly. Finally, Danny Saradon and David Watts get romantic in the sheets of a canopied bed. Four smoldering scenes featuring the youthful talents of eight international newcomers make European Holiday, Part 1 a day trip to an erotic paradise.