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Filmed on location in Hawaii, 'Drenched' follows the exploits of 22 stunning men as they explore all that the islands have to offer. Available as FVP149 'Drenched, Part 1 - Soaking It In' and FVP150 'Drenched, Part 2 - Soaked to the Bone,' this series offers the perfect blend of horny studs, hot sex, and Hawaiian vistas, in scenes that will make you ache for your next vacation. 'Drenched' marks the return of superstar Chase Hunter to the screen.FVP-150 'Drenched, Part 2 - Soaked To The Bone' features hot locations and even hotter sex, as Chase Hunter is joined by Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush and Falcon Exclusives Tyler Gunn, Josh Weston and Bobby Williams. Rounding out the cast are Trent Atkins, Cade Devlin, Vince Ditonno, Alex LeMonde, Fernando Montana, Carlos Morales, Zackary Pierce and Filippo Romano.Here are just a few highlights: Carlos Morales and Fernando Montana face off against an azure sky as the swelling surf pounds the black volcanic beach. Flanked by a cascading waterfall, Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston and Alex LeMonde devote themselves to sensual indulgence