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From: Tyler
Categorie tattoos, solo scene
Video Description: Tyler likes to keep every window of opportunity open. He’s an adventurer, an exhibitionist and a risk taker eager to try new things. And when his friends told him he should try jacking off on camera, the dare grew into a desire to wank his willy for an appreciative audience. But Tyler does draw the line about doing anything gay. It would take “thousands”, he repeats “thousands” for him to even consider walking on the wild side. He’s a real man through-n-through. Heck, he’s had relationships with girls. But if something guy-on-guy was set up, he would have to really think about it, though he’d probably say no in the end. Damn, he’s such a tease.So Tyler does yank his 7-inch pecker and spooges in pools across his belly. After he showers he says he’d return to do more solos any time of the week. But if he was to partner up with another guy, what happens would depend ... he’s willing to try new things ... but it depends ...


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