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From: Nubuis
Video Description: This Nubian prince is a Miami-based model, blessed with a gorgeous face and beautiful body; nothing but rolling muscle upon muscle on his tall frame. The smooth terrain of his smoldering physique would be a landscape any tongue would gladly travel. He is laid-back and sensuous, an easy-going fellow and we're as excited as he is with his first solo jack-off on camera.Nubuis sheds his clothes, then climbs onto the bed. He lays back - a massive hunk of man with a thick, black beautiful cock rising between his legs. Throttling his dick, he massages it in a steady rhythm. Then he kneels and bends over to show us his winking sphincter. He teases us as he plays and tickles his asshole with his dickhead and then his fingers which he jabs deep inside. He resumes jacking off, squeezing his pole until he finally finishes with a big splash of cum.


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