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From: Kaya
Categorie Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: With killer looks and a rockin' bod, this hot dude is a definite keeper! Kaya has joined us because he's looking to start his porn career. He loves pussy and sex; he's an aggressive top who likes it rough. Open to new adventures, he's flirted with bondage and dress-up ... whatever scene to intensify the pleasure, he's game.So here he is with his beautiful physique and meaty horse dick. He's a narcissist, enjoying the touch of his own flesh and he coos with excitement as he exclaims how good it feels, how fucking good it feels. His skin is creamy and smooth; his cheeks rosy. He's got dreamy bedroom eyes. Who wouldn't enjoy molesting that celestial body? Such a scrumptious piece of meat. He lovingly strokes himself all over - his throbbing cock, perfect balls, muscled abs and fluid thighs. He becomes more vocal, getting louder and more excited until he climaxes and cums, getting gooey all over.


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