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From: Dirty!
Video Description: Refuelin’: Blu Kennedy gets caught red-handed trying to siphon gas outta Scott Tanner’s pickup and he’s soon pressed to take his whooping like a man. Scott forces his hose down Blu’s throat, making the young thief gag. Then he makes Blu squeal like a pig when he beats his bare ass with a paddle. The action heats up and soon turns into redneck hillbilly manlove. Scott soothes the carrot-top’s smarting ass with hungry licks before he slurps up his cock. As Blu lays down with his legs up in the air, Scott eases his dick inside his hole. They move into different positions and Scott picks up speed, driving his tool faster and faster until he waxes Blu’s ass with his spooge. Blu climaxes too, leaving both studs outta gas.