Derrek Diamond Fucks Dean Tucker

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Video Description: The atmosphere is charged with the blatant sensuality Derrek and Dean exude. Their first time together is gonna be electric! The dazzling Diamond lays back, his entire body tensed up all the way down to his toes, as his new buddy falls face-first and open-mouthed onto his stiff cock. All he can do is enjoy Dean going down on his pole, squeezing his balls and smothering him with kisses before he begins tongue-fucking his asscrack. Then it's Derrek's turn to deepthroat Dean's hardy piece of meat. But Dean's still jonseing for more Derrek so he resumes sucking his dick and rimming his ass. Derrek then starts to juice up Dean's manhole with slurpy licks before he slides his dick in. He screws the slick slit hard and fast and Dean gasps like a wounded animal; but the pain is so sweet as he jerks himself to climax shooting his load all over his hairy chest and Derrek follows up with his hefty offering.