Christopher Ashlee

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Video Description: Christopher tells it like it is: 'It's fun being someone else than yourself on video.' So let's see who this macho mocha bon bon is today. Right now he's Big Bird in his yellow shirt, with a big smile and a wingspan that stretches across the back of the couch. Ready to get things going, he slips out of his clothes like a coy, seductive ecdysiast (I know, he's channeling Gypsy!). Stroking that big slab of meat, he looks like someone lost in a trance; his eyes shutter close and his mouth is agape with wonder (ala Bernini's sculpture of St. Theresa in Ecstasy!) His cock is thick, uncut and looks like black velvet; his beautiful fingers glide up and down its length. He tugs on the fleshy foreskin, tweaks his perky tits and continues jerking off, faster and tighter, until Mr. Happy sneezes globs of jism. Whoa! This is as good as it gets, and without a doubt, Christopher in a master of disguise!