Tough Terrain

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Video Description: Exhausted after his vigorous workout, Daemon tries to relax but is surprised by mischief-maker Rob Lynn. Initially startled, Daemon soon senses they're more allies than adversaries. The two jocks start playing with Rob sucking down Daemon's dick until he gets spooged in the face. Then it's Daemon's turn to fellate his new friend . He's doing a good job 'til he impishly decides to throw a bucket of water on Rob. They run bare-assed through the woods and fall into a hammock where they play grab ass again. On a sexual buzz, they hungrily eat ass, suck cock and finally fuck. Rob pummels Daemon's buttcrack driving both of them through unfettered thresholds of passion. The cum flows as Rob shoots his wad but that's not enough. He fucks Daemon again and blasts a second hefty load.