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From: Troy
Categorie Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: Troy is here with one task at hand and nothing is gonna distract him. This crewcut cutie is a firecracker ready to go off. He starts to masturbate, stroking his dick with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. This requires heavy concentration and he purses his lips and shuts his eyes closed. Troy's body is nicely muscled, his upper torso tanned, but his lower body - crotch, legs and booty-licious ass - is surprisingly pale and white. He continues to wank off, stroking faster and faster until he finally cums. Gasping with pleasure Troy announces it was good and exactly how he expected it to be. It's possible he may come back and do it again, but right now, he's gonna spend some money and get shit-faced. All I can say is he better come back or we're gonna tan his hide!


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