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From: XXX
Video Description: Scott Campbell is the ideal bottom to counter Derek DaSilva – down on his knees, deepthroating and almost choking on his master’s cock. He gets teary-eyed with the enormity of the task, but he perseveres. Derek holds Scott’s head still and thrusts his hips forward ensuring that every inch of his dick gets into Scott’s mouth. The men kiss, then Scott sits down and Derek swallows his tool all the way to its base. He begins rimming Scott’s ass crack, jabbing his tongue deep inside the hairy cleft. With both parties sufficiently aroused and aching for more, Derek slams his thunderstick high inside Scott’s hole and starts to fuck him hard. Scott is crying and sighing with the assault on his asshole, but the insane action continues. Finally Derek pulls out and showers cum across the younger man’s back. Scott jacks himself off to climax, matching Derek drop for drop.