Pledgemaster - The Hazing

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Categorie Anal Sex
Video Description: Pledgemaster Luke Marcum decides to initiate frightened and anxious Cameron Marshall himself. There is something utterly desirable about the young man's fear and discomfort. Luke takes his victim aside and forcefeeds him his thick cock. Cameron sucks down every veiny inch of beautiful meatpole to his lord's satisfaction. Then the taskmaster depants his patsy and pours hot melted wax across his naked backside. The pain is scary but sweet. Cameron gets behind Luke and starts eating out his manhole and knoshing on his dick and balls. Enervated by Cameron's enthusiasm, Luke gobbles up his charge's dick, fingerfucking his hole as he slurps away. Then he piledrives Cameron's ass in a variety of acrobatic positions until they both shoot their wads.