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From: Defined
Video Description: Falcon Exclusive Matthew Rush and Falcon favorite Joe Foster spend a lazy afternoon in the garage exploring the intricate and excitable mechanics of their own muscled forms. Matthew exposes Joe's stiff cock, stroking it, licking it, enjoying the feel of it in the depths of his throat. Joe sighs with pleasure, drinking in every drop of Matthew's affections. Joe returns Matthew's attentions, taking the full length of Matthew's cock in his mouth; rubbing their dicks together in an interlude of tender kisses. Matthew lifts Joe onto the hood of an old truck and rims his hole, massaging and preparing it for further play before slathering more attention on Joe's cock. Then Joe teases and titillates Matthew's hole first with the tip of his cock and then with a probing tongue. Primed and pumped to overheating, Matthew fucks Joe with deep forceful strokes-raising the erotic thermostat into the red zone and accelerating the dual explosions of their orgasms until each man has spent the last drop of his orgasm.