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Categorie Anal Sex, Swimwear, oral sex
Video Description: While the rest of the team is busy swimming laps, Danno Alecs, Robert Zsilak, Mihal Laszlo and Lajos Anfort chill out in another pool. So what if the others are working on speed drills and exercises, these horny waterbabes find more diverting poolside action to cavort in. Danno pairs up with Robert while Mihal and Lajos hook up. Soon they make it a happy foursome with Mihal sucking on all three of his buddies’ rigid cocks. He may be the minnow in this school of bigger fish, but his hungry mouth and fuckable ass drive all the action. Robert, Danno and Lajos take turns screwing his hole as he moans and groans with every thrust of their stiff poles, climaxing with four hefty spurts of cum.