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Shock, Part 2

Shock, Part 2 : Alexandros Matsagos, Enrico Vega, Jay Ross, Dante Foxx, Ted Matthews, Chris Steele, Addison Scott

  • Aggiornato : 2004-02-01 |
  • Lunghezza : 22:16 min |
  • Dimensione : 240 MB |
  • Images : 9 |
  • Visualizzazioni : 2236 |
  • Votazione : 9.8 out of 10
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  • 9.8/10
Rating : 9.8 out of 10

Uncut Enrico Vega gets serviced by Ted Matthews while Alexandros Matsagos watches through a chain link fence. After some rough ball sucking action Vega sucks both men while Addison Scott watches from across the room. Scott finally makes his move and they couple up for some heavy slurping, sucking, and tit play with some docking thrown in for good measure. Chris Steele enters the fray and along with Dante Foxx the leather clad studs swap spit, chew foreskin, and deepthroat every cock in sight. They each take a turn licking Jay Ross' hole before forming a rimming-train, 7 men long and then fucking like rough-talking dogs in heat. All is ended with Jay Ross awash in spunk as they squirt it all over him and each other.