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Pool Party

Pool Party : Bill Eld

  • Aggiornato : 2010-07-01 |
  • Lunghezza : 11:07 min |
  • Dimensione : 119 MB |
  • Images : 8 |
  • Visualizzazioni : 2437 |
  • Votazione : 8.5 out of 10
Cast Bill Eld
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  • 8.5/10
Rating : 8.5 out of 10

'BILL ELD': The camera brings you in close to show Bill and two equally well-hung friends in a very heavy action three-way.A mouthful of cock opens this scene introducing one eager horn dog sucking cock. A third fellow magically appears, flat on his back and getting a big dick slammed down his throat. The game plan is simple: 'Open mouth. Insert cock.' as all three are rasslin' around slobbering over wieners. It's a madcap medley of hearty cocksucking until one fellow climaxes in great gobs against a pane of glass, while another one starts cornholing his buddy's ass. It all ends with a cum-filled facial.

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