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Cast Paul

Categorie Bodybuilder, Solo scene, Tattoos, Underwear

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Paul : Paul

  • Aggiornato il : 07-03-2008 |
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  • Votazione : 7 out of 10
Falcon Str8Men
Cast Paul

Paul is one of the more popular models to populate the archives of Falcon Str8Men. We just can't enough of this charmer with the twinkling eyes and dimpled chin. This young stud is all business and intent on giving us what we want. He looks right into the camera and dares us to turn away, but we can't as he reaches deep into his calvins and jiggles the family jewels. Totally naked, he sits down and starts to masturbate, pulling his pud, stimulating, fondling, pleasuring himself like a madman. He slaps his cock, shows us his ass, and continues to jerk off until he finally shouts out 'Oh fuck YES!' and shoots. It's real; it's messy; it's a wrap!