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Luke Marcum Fucks Tristan Phoenix Dvd Cover

Luke Marcum Fucks Tristan Phoenix

Cast Luke Marcum, Tristan Phoenix

Categorie Oral sex, Tattoos

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  • 7/10

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Luke Marcum Fucks Tristan Phoenix

Luke Marcum Fucks Tristan Phoenix : Tristan Phoenix, Luke Marcum

  • Aggiornato il : 07-03-2008 |
  • immagini : 1 |
  • Visualizzazioni : 1626 |
  • Votazione : 8 out of 10
Falcon Str8Men
Categorie Oral sex, Tattoos

Tristan defines fun as anything that'll penetrate him. Today he's paired up with Luke who's eager to have some fun. The guys are pretty much in synch: Luke thinks Tristan is cute; Tristan utters that Luke is 'gorgeous'. Luckily for gorgeous hunk luke (who's never done anything like this before) experienced boytoy Tristan is here to hold his hand ... and more!Luke's muscular build overwhelms Tristan's slight frame as they embrace and kiss. Then Tristan goes down on Luke, guzzling his fat dick down his throat. Luke's toes curl; he shuts his eyes and a happy look settles on his mug. Luke then sucks on Tristan's cock and rims his asshole, lubing it up with spit to make it slick and primed for assault. He drives his cock in, slamming into Tristan's ass with a series of hard thrusts. Tristan flips onto his back and Luke continues fucking him hard making him shoot his wad. Then with Tristan nuzzzled next to him on the bed, Luke jerks himself off.