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Fit For Service

Fit For Service : Tony Aziz, Luke Marcum

  • Aggiornato : 2010-12-17 |
  • Lunghezza : 18:39 min |
  • Dimensione : 202 MB |
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  • Visualizzazioni : 7839 |
  • Votazione : 8.2 out of 10
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  • 8.2/10
Rating : 8.2 out of 10

Tony Aziz has his legs up in the stirrups so medic Luke Marcum can give him a rectal exam. Luke slips on his rubber gloves and probes Tony's asshole. Then he stretches it wide open with a speculum to really check it out. But something still seems amiss so Luke slides a finger inside Tony's ass to feel it up. Staring him right in the face is Tony's cock so Luke leans forward and sucks it in. Tony reels with pleasure as Luke labors over his meat and then works his tongue all around his puckered hole. Luke prescribes a new course of action and he drives his cock up Tony's butt. They continue to fuck in a variety of positions just like the doctor ordered and finally finish with Tony sucking Luke to climax while he jerks himself off and cums.