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Blaine Hardy with Toy Dvd Cover

Blaine Hardy with Toy

Cast Blaine Hardy

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  • 7/10

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Blaine Hardy with Toy

Blaine Hardy with Toy : Blaine Hardy

  • Aggiornato il : 07-03-2008 |
  • immagini : 1 |
  • Visualizzazioni : 379 |
  • Votazione : 7 out of 10
Falcon Str8Men

This being Blaine's third video, he reveals more about what makes him tick. First, 'sex is better than money', then he mumbles on about his most memorable sexual experience, closing with what he looks for in a partner. He really is a simple man with simple wants and needs. And then he shuts up and starts the show. There really is a quiet appeal about Blaine; he grows more attractive with each shoot. We watch him pull his pud, fingers inching inside his hole, eyes closed and lost in his masturbatory fantasy. He shoves a butt plug in and out, then holds it clenched inside while he continues jacking off. Next comes a set of balls. He slides the first orb inside then tries to work in another. He is a study of concentration as he's back on the plug, quietly thrilled with the sensation of the toy in his ass and then he finally busts a nut.