Adrenaline Dvd Cover


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Categorie Anal Sex, Bathroom sex, Bodybuilder, Group sex/orgies, Peloso , Jockstraps, Oral sex, Anilingua , Tattoos, Underwear

Plot summary:

The music's pumping hard and the club is charged with an energy geared to get your adrenaline going.Add a strong musical beat to a smorgasbord of 9 horny dudes, then mix it up with their growing passion for unbridled manlust. You can feel your blood start to boil as it courses through your veins; you start to pant and your breathing quickens; then your muscles strain with exertion ... your adrenaline is pumping! And that's what you get with this new hit video of electrifying man-on-man action you just can't miss!