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Lucas Vitello And Luke Milan

Members Exclusive : Luke Milan, Lucas Vitello

  • Aggiornato : 2012-08-29 |
  • Lunghezza : 15:28 min |
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  • Votazione : 6.6 out of 10
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  • 6.6/10
Rating : 6.6 out of 10

Lucas Vitello and Luke Milan are two white hot studs with dark complexions. They have lean, muscled bodies that tangle with each other as they kiss passionately, sharing a moment in their room at the country bed and breakfast. Lucas can feel Lukeís massive cock get hard under his jeans, and he wants to see it in the flesh and deep-throat it. He doesnít waste any time pulling Lukeís pants down and engulfing it with his hot mouth framed by plump hot lips. Lucas voraciously works Lukeís huge meat until saliva is flying and Luke sighs heavy gasps of pleasure. Lucas starts beating his own meat as he services Lukeís. Itís Lukeís turn to savor Lucasís impressive cock. Luke sits back in a chair as Lucas stands next to it and more saliva flies as Lucas fucks Lukeís mouth until Lucas blows a load on Lukeís face and shoulders. Luke finishes it off jerking out a creamy load himself.