Paddy O'Brian Fucks Ray Diaz

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Video Description: Young buck Ray Diaz tastes his way from the perfect Paddy O'Brian's lips down to his cock, a smorgasbord of skin, fur and muscle under the California sun. Spit runs down the glistening shaft of Paddy's enormous cock like sex juice while Ray works his lips and tongue in perfect tandem. Paddy can't help but groan and thrust his hips, forcing Ray to swallow deeper nearly gagging him with that gargantuan tool. Turning his attention to Paddy's bursting balls, Ray uses his hand to keep Paddy's cock at attention. But there's only one way to fully appreciate the hottest core of Ray, so Paddy turns him end for end and sinks his primed cock into Ray's furry brown hole. Their abs work in unison; Ray's neck muscles are taut as he slams his hips back in counterpoint to Paddy's drilling. A switch to sit-fuck showcases Ray's smooth, nut-brown torso, a hole stretched to the max and a cock that's as vertical as the poles anchoring the grapevines in the background. The sweat pouring off Paddy's pecs is a prelude to two well-earned cumshots as the exhausted fuckers make fierce eye contact and close in for a final kiss.