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Video Description: Resort staffer Steve Sax notices Logan Reed alone and horny by the fireplace. Steve knows just how to improve Logan's he pulls his stiff cock out and offers it for Logan's sucking. Steve's prick slides easily and completely into Logan's talented cocksucking throat as he grabs the back of Logan's head, impaling Logan further and deeper onto the pistoning cock. Logan jerks his cock in time to Steve's thrusts, occasionally reaching back to finger his tight hole. Steve's insistent thrusts keep Logan busy throating the big cock. Flipping Logan around, Steve rides his face, fingering his nipples as Logan tongue-fucks Steve's hole. Logan's rimming gets Steve rock hard and soon his stiff rod is sliding slickly between the parted asscheeks of Logan's upturned ass. Logan pulls his legs wide apart as Steve fucks him forcefully, each thrust driving Logan's head and shoulders into the floor until both studs unleash their loads.